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If you have been arrested for a DUI it is important that you hire an experienced and proven DUI Defense Attorney. A conviction for Drunk Driving can have a life altering impact and may affect your future job prospects, current employment or educational opportunities. Although the penalties for a conviction range from community service to jail time it is important for you to realize that being arrested for DUI/OUI is not the same thing as being convicted of DUI/OUI. Hiring a DUI/OUI Defense Attorney with years of legal experience will have the greatest impact on the outcome of your case.

My name is Attorney Gerald J Noonan and I am the owner of The Noonan Defense Firm in Brockton Massachusetts. I have dedicated my life to the practice of law. As a prosecutor in the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office and a private criminal defense attorney I have over 30 years of legal and trial experience. I understand the stress and anxiety a client feels when facing a drunk driving charge. Good people are charged with DUI and Drunk Driving related charges everyday in Massachusetts. Massachusetts however has some of the strictest DUI penalties in the nation. Locking you up in jail or suspending your license can have a serious impact on your life and the lives of your spouse and family. My clients are faced with these concerns and I do everything I can to make sure these fears don’t become a reality.

I have successfully tried more than 350 Criminal Trials over the course of my thirty-year legal career. Trial experience is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a DUI attorney to represent you as the vast majority of DUI cases reach the trial stage. There is too much at stake to hire an attorney only for him or her to get on-the-job-training at your expense. Call me today at my office in Brockton Massachusetts to setup a free consultation and we can discuss how taking my experience into the courtroom can benefit your case.

My DUI Defense includes representation for many issues and matters, some being:

  • 1st Offense, 2nd Offense, 3rd Offense, 4th Offense, 5th Offense DUI
  • Driving on a License Suspended for DUI/OUI Related Offense
  • Driver License Registry (RMV) Administrative Hearings
  • Motion to Suppress Failed Breath Test Evidence
  • Motion To Suppress Field Sobriety Test
  • Operating Under the Influence of Drugs
  • DUI Roadblock/Checkpoint Defense
  • Massachusetts Hardship Licenses
  • OUI/DUI Manslaughter Defense
  • Juvenile/Under 21 OUI Charges
  • DUI Criminal Record Sealing
  • Child Endangerment

1st Offense Penalties

  • No more than 2 ½ years on the House of Corrections
  • Fine: $500-$5,000
  • $250 head injury fee
  • $65 a month probation fee
  • License suspended for up to 1 year (the court could grant a hardship license after 3 months)

Alternative Disposition/ Continuance without a finding (CWOF)

  • License suspended for 45 days (210 days for anyone under 21) in addition to any suspension being served for refusing the breath test
  • Mandatory 16 week alcohol education program (defendant must pay the cost of attending)
  • Probation up to 2 years but usually for 1 year
  • $250 head injury fee
  • $65 a month probation fee

2nd Offense Penalties

  • Mandatory 30 days in the House of Corrections up to a maximum of 2 ½ years.
  • A fine ranging from at least $600 but no more than $10,000
  • 8 year suspension of license ( the court could grant a hardship license in 2 years)
  • Various court fees and fines

Alternative Disposition

  • Probation for 2 years
  • 14 day stay at an in-patient alcohol treatment facility (expense to be paid by defendant)
  • License suspended for 2 years
  • The court could grant a hardship license after 12 months (if a hardship is granted the court will also require the defendant to have an ignition lock device installed in car)

3rd Offense Penalties

  • Imprisonment for not less than 180 days (150 days in the minimum mandatory) and up to 5 fives in state prison for felony offenses
  • A fine ranging from at least $1,000 but no more than $15,000
  • 8 year suspension of license ( the court could grant a hardship license in 2 years on condition the ignition lock device is installed in defendant’s vehicle)

Breathalyzer Refusal

  • A refusal by anyone who doesn’t have an OUI conviction results in a 180 day license suspension
  • A refusal by anyone having 1 OUI conviction results in a 3 year license suspension
  • A refusal by anyone having 2 OUI convictions results in a 5 year license suspension
  • A refusal by anyone having 3 OUI convictions results in lifetime loss of license

Gerald J. Noonan, ESQ

Legal Background

After graduating from New England School of Law with honors I entered the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. As a prosecutor, I tried hundreds of criminal cases including murder, attempted murder, motor vehicle homicide, arson, rape, sexual assault, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, major drug crimes, illegal possession of fire arms, DUI Drunk Driving and many other cases involving many other serious felony criminal offenses.

As an Assistant District Attorney, I familiarized myself with police investigation practices and procedures. As a result of my experience I’m in the unique position of being able to anticipate and plan for the prosecution’s case. When you hire me as your attorney you will be getting a lawyer with criminal trial experience on both the prosecution side and the criminal defense side, which is invaluable when you are looking for an attorney to represent you.


  • B.A. Stonehill College (1971)
  • Masters Degree Urban Affairs Boston University (1974)
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Administration from Boston State (1976)
  • Juris Doctorate Law Degree New England School of Law Cum Laude (1982)

Work History

  • School Teacher Social Science Department at Brockton High (1971-1982)
  • Elected to Southeastern Regional School Committee (1973-1987)
  • Owner Operator of Noonan Painting and Construction (1971-1996)
  • Elected to The Easton Board of Assessors (2002-Present)
  • Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Assistant District Attorney, (1983 – 1986)
  • Owner of The Law Offices of Gerald J Noonan (1986-present)